The integrated environment and health consultancy


Independent Advice

Expertise in the risks posed by exposure to environmental and workplace chemicals, dusts and fibres

Tailored Advice

High quality advice and assistance tailored to meet client needs in the fields of hazard and risk assessment

Research and Consultancy

Research & consultancy services and tailored training courses

IEH Consulting offers scientific and technical expertise on a broad range of health and environmental topics. We provide consultancy services to diverse commercial and governmental clients and offer tailored advice, assistance and training in relevant areas including toxicology, chemical policy and regulation, occupational health, environmental risk assessment, statistics and epidemiology. All our Directors and Associates are highly qualified and many are acknowledged national and international experts in their field.

The aim of IEH Consulting is to provide the best available information, independent advice and analysis. Our focus is on providing client-focused, high-quality advice tailored to meet specific needs in the fields of environmental and human health hazard and risk assessment.